Denneroll™ Thoracic Traction Orthosis (DTTO): A Promising Rehabilitation Tool for Thoracic Hyper Kyphosis (THK)

By: Deed E. Harrison, DC

Thoracic Hyper Kyphosis (THK) is a commonly observed spinal deformity characterized by an excessive outward curvature of the upper back. Many cases of THK are asymptomatic; however, in some individuals, THK can lead to chronic non-specific neck pain (CNSNP) due to the altered structure of the spine. A recent study investigated the role of DTTO in the rehabilitation of THK, and the results are promising.

This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of DTTO in managing CNSNP in patients with THK. The participants were randomly assigned to two groups; control and Intervention Group (IG). Multimodal programs were given to both groups, while IG received the DTTO along with the multimodal program. The outcomes were assessed at baseline, the end of ten weeks, and one year after the treatment ended.

The study found that IG showed more significant improvements in neck pain intensity and disability in comparison to the control group. Additionally, a significant improvement in THK was found exclusively in the IG. No significant difference was observed in other outcomes such as smooth pursuit neck torsion test (SPNT) and left-sided head repositioning accuracy (HRA). However, the addition of the DTTO to the multimodal program resulted in a significant improvement in overall stability index (OSI) and right-sided HRA.


The improvement seen in IG was maintained even after one year of the treatment’s cessation. The follow-up revealed that the control group regressed to their baseline values while all outcomes were significantly improved in the IG. These findings suggest that adding DTTO to a multimodal program can positively influence the outcomes for CNSNP in THK patients.

DTTO is a non-invasive orthotic device that helps to correct THK by providing traction in the thoracic area, leading to a restoration of the natural curve in the upper back. The device works by providing a gentle stretch that improves the alignment of the spine in the thoracic region and thus reducing the CNSNP.


This study underscores the promising role of the DTTO in the rehabilitation of THK. Adding DTTO to a multimodal program has been found to positively influence the outcomes in patients with CNSNP in THK. The study emphasizes the importance of non-invasive techniques like the DTTO in managing spinal deformities like THK. The promising results of the study encourage further research on DTTO and its efficacy in reducing CNSNP and other related problems. Therefore, healthcare providers and doctors can consider DTTO as a potential adjunctive treatment in the management of patients with THK.

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